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Tell Me More About Resin

What is Resin?

Resin is a viscous substance that cures into a solid, waterproof material. Resins are typically used for varnishes and adhesives.

Why coat artwork with resin?

Epoxy resin is strong and durable and adds a new modern element to my paintings. It also enhances the color, adding an extra dimension of interest.

What are the steps to applying artwork with resin?

Once the artwork is 100% dry there are 4 steps to applying the varnish.

  1. Mix the resin with a harder for at least 2 minutes
  2. Pour the resin evenly onto the artwork and spread with a knife as necessary
  3. Heat the resin with a flame to remove any unwanted air bubbles
  4. Cover the artwork and let dry for 24 hours

I have started my resin work series with 5 sweet paintings ranging from my beloved macarons to ice cream to rainbow cake. The high gloss of the resin really adds a great dimension to the work. I created a video of each piece as the shine and light add an extra element that is captured in person (scroll to the bottom on each resin work on my website for the video). So far these pieces have been a terrific hit, as I only have 2 left! Which is your favorite?

“Rainbow Cake Extravagance,” 2019. Gouache and ink on aquabord covered in resin, 5×7.