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Subject, Photo, then WHAT??

The past couple weeks JKBLOG has been highlighting my journey towards Capital Palette.  First came the ideas and inspiration, and then came the photographic reference material.  Next?  Composition manipulation!

For each of my subjects, I shot approximately 200 photographs.  And no photo shoot ever led to a complete layout which pleased me.  (I guess if it did, then I should close up my painting studio and become a photographer.)  What then?

  1. Sifted through my photos and cherry picked a couple key images that I could meld together to create a great composition
  2. I sketched my composition idea on paper and/or
  3. Used Photoshop to create a rough composite of the images
  4. Sketched my composition on my canvas


Choosing the photos were trial and error.  This stage took a great deal of time, vision, and playing around in photoshop.


Now, some paintings were simple and were composed of 2-3 photos, while others were created from a more complex 5-6 photos.  My “DC’s Notorious Cherry Blossoms” painting had the largest number of reference photos making up the composition, with the oldest photo dating back to 2009.   I have kept that background photo in my idea arsenal all these years, as I knew one day it would make it into the right painting!  Lesson learned – have an idea?  Then leave it around and one day it will find the right spot!