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Refreshing Citrus

This week, I was excited to announce my series: Citrus!

This year I made a conscience decision to create a new series, straying from my usual beloved sweets.

I wanted to focus on nourishment and even more specifically, what nourishes me. While I do have a sweet tooth, I am a VERY healthy eater. My diet is chuck full of fruits and vegetables. With that in mind, I start every day with with a cup of warm water and lemon.

Why warm water with lemon? Aside from the immune boosting Vitamin C from the lemon, the lemon water is a great digestive and detoxifying agent that cleans out the liver. I started this tradition almost a year ago and feel fantastic! The citrus smell is also a great refreshing scent in the morning.

I wanted to share my new love of lemon water and what better way than with my art. My first 4 paintings of citrus are all refreshing takes on the fruit, floating in water. I have many more of these painting planned, including a large-scale version. So be on the look out later this summer for more. In the meantime start tomorrow with a cup of warm lemon water and check out my latest series here.

Citrus Pond, oil on canvas. 18×24.