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Ready Set….PAINT!

Construction at my house is ALMOST finished (yes, I keep saying that as the finishing work keeps dragging on) after just passing the 6 month mark.  September was my time to get my painting on.  There is no better way to get my act in gear than an awesome challenge!

For my challenge, a series of French Macaron paintings were requested of me from SR/A Interior Design’s LA Collection for their gallery and special Pop Up event this Saturday, September 29th at Ascend Martial Arts in Chevy Chase, MD.

I had the best time with this colorful group.  Even though I have painted many dozen macarons before, I feel I learned even more from this set. My goal was to emphasize color and turning in space.


Take a look at my latest French Macaron paintings below and come visit me and check out the Art x Art Pop Up Show this Saturday from 2 – 5pm at 6936 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD!!

After the Art Pop up,  my paintings will be available at their LA Collection Gallery at 7020 Wisconsin Avenue,  Chevy Chase, MD.