Ethiopian Intrigue, 2016


Oil on canvas, 24×30

The D.C. area is home to the largest Ethiopian ex-pat population in the world, so it’s easy to explore their vibrant culinary traditions. Use your hands — no utensils necessary! — to rip off a spongy flap of injera bread and scoop up a rainbow of stews and salads enlivened with a palate-pleasing array of spices.

Description by Nevin Martell. Nevin is a D.C.-based food, travel, and lifestyle writer who has been published in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Saveur, Fortune, Travel + Leisure, and Runner’s World, and has authored seven books. He is currently co-authoring the Red Truck Bakery cookbook, which will be published by Clarkson & Potter in spring 2018.

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