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New Year’s Resolutions, Summer Goals & Creative Spirit

First alla prima painting of the summer

On New Year’s, we set a series of resolutions.  Then six months quick pass, warm winds blow, and summer is upon us.  Three glorious months of gorgeous weather, trips to the beach and/or pool, and thoughts of what to accomplish in the lazy, dog days of summer creep into our heads.

Summer goals are different beasts than January 1st resolutions.  Resolutions are decisions to either firmly do or not do something, summer goals are ideas we would like to accomplish  These goals are typically events or activities that have been pushed off during the busy winter and spring months, when life is barreling at full speed.   These goals can come in all forms from giving away outgrown kids toys, to reading the stack of books on your nightstand, to taking the watercolor painting class that you did not have time for during the year.

Summer is a great time to finally slow down a little, dust off the cobwebs, and indulge in something you want to do, but have avoiding for one reason or another (fear, time, rejection).

I thought I would share my summer goals, and perhaps I will inspire you to set some too!

  1. Read the 6 art books that I so desperately wanted to read and have been sitting on my desk for 2 months or more (including the super boring guide to new camera)
  2. Paint, small, alla prima, loose paintings from still life set ups, not photos
  3. Visit the National Gallery of Art….by myself!  Not distractions, no conversations, just me & art
  4. Do yoga 2x a week and exercise more.  Not a resolution, a goal.
  5. Paint my entry for the super fun Kensington Labor Day Art Show
  6. Clean out the old baby toys from my house

What are your summer goals?  I would love to hear about them?  I hope some of those goals foster creativity and relaxation, in the true spirit of summer.  At the end of the summer, I will check in and let you know the status of my goals.