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Kensingtonians love their Town and Art!

My Kensington Submission.  "Summer Morning," 2015.  Oil on Canvas, 12x16.
My Kensington Submission. “Summer Morning,” 2015. Oil on Canvas, 12×16.

Every Labor Day weekend the Montgomery Art Association and the town of Kensington host the “Paint the Town” Art exhibition.  Not only do I think this is one of the most fun, energetic, and quality shows there is such an interesting spin (and in my opinion, great marketing)….

Kensington, Maryland residents take great pride in their town!  It is fun, artsy, and a little traditional at the same time.  Naturally they want to showcase how cool the town is; therefore, they require at least one entry, from each artist, into the show to be of something within the 20891 or 20895 zip codes.  Artist’s choice, of course.

After that one entry, artists can submit any subject matter.  It is some the best art around town.  So, if you are looking to fill some blank walls or you too love Kensington, this is the show to stock up and see what locals are working on.  From an artist’s perspective, this is one of THE shows of the year.  Below is this year’s flyer with all the details.



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