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Home Studio vs. Art Center Studio

For years I have been longing to get an “official” art studio within an art center; however, could never justify it with my young kids schedules.

Well, this spring I finally got my chance to see what I have been missing. During my home construction journey, I sublet space at the Artist & Makers Studios in Rockville, MD for the past 3 months.  Already knowing the rest of my studio mates and a large number of resident artists, it became my refuge in the chaos of my construction.

Having now experienced a home studio AND an art center studio, I better understand the pros and cons of both.  Depending on each artists goals, personalities, and limitations one option may be better than another.  Below are the pros and cons, so you can decide which best fits your lifestyle-



  • Sense of community and camaraderie
  • More exposure of your art
  • More opportunities arise, as you are more visible (i.e. exhibition opportunities, workshops)
  • Impromptu critiques with fellow artists
  • Exchange of knowledge with other artists (i.e. techniques, classes, exhibitions)
  • Opportunities to see new materials or borrow material


  • Monetary cost
  • Harder to concentrate with people constantly in and out
  • If share your space, it might not be as you left it
  • Commute to studio space




  • Always as you left it
  • Have access to the studio at any hour
  • No commute – can pop in and out
  • Monetary savings
  • Depending on your house, a quiet place to work without interruptions
  • All art supplies under one roof


  • Isolating
  • Have to be disciplined, house can be distracting with chores and laundry
  • Make more of an effort to be apart of the greater artist community and seek opportunities