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Holding Myself Accountable

This Summer I published a post where I made 6 Summer resolutions to myself and promised you, my dear readers, to  stay accountable and report back on my progress.  So alas, it is into October and summer has long past.  It is time to review my progress in this week’s post.  Without further adieu, let’s see how I did:

1.  Read the 6 art books that I so desperately wanted to read and have been sitting on my desk for 2 months or more (including the super boring guide to new camera)

Done!  With time to spare for a couple fiction books that also had been sitting on my kindle for an embarrassingly long time.  The highlight?  “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield – it really gets into how creatives think and how it takes grit to keep going and succeed.  A must read for creatives of any kind.

2.  Paint, small, alla prima, loose paintings from still life set ups, not photos

So, I had grandiose plans for this one of lots of small alla prima paintings.  I did one.  It was hard and found myself suddenly scheduled with deadlines.  I definitely want to come back to this, especially since I was overly ambitious and already prepped the boards to paint on.  Fall goal?

3. Visit the National Gallery of Art….by myself!  Not distractions, no conversations, just me & art

Check!  YAY! Despite painting deadlines and crazy camp schedules I spent a day at the National Gallery of Art at the end of July – ALL BY MYSELF!  Heaven.  Below is one of my favorite paintings there – its John Singer Sargent’s “Repose” and I could stare at the paint on her dress for hours.

4.  Do yoga 2x a week and exercise more.  Not a resolution, a goal.

This might be the one I am most proud of.  After dabbling in yoga for years and then quitting when it became difficult to get to classes or hurting myself, I was counseled by more than one doctor to take up yoga religiously.  Advice taken.  I have been going to vinyasa yoga 2 times a week for the past 4 months and not only do I feel fantastic but I actually have awesome arm muscles!!!

 5.  Paint my entry for the super fun Kensington Labor Day Art Show

Done and Done!  This was such an amazing show this year and winning “Best in Show” Bertha Club award was just icing on the cake.

         6.  Clean out the old baby toys from my house

Bitter sweet chore – but done.  The best part is I was able to send all my kids baby stuff to my brother in Minnesota who is expecting his first child at the end of this month!  Thrilled that all strollers, furniture, and beloved toys get another lease on life.  I am embracing the next phase.

Now on to Fall goals….
Honestly,  I have only one at the moment – managing my newfound time (aka both kids in full day school) effectively.  I am sure there will be more to come.  Well, and getting back to the alla prima goal…