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How Do You Define “‘Tis the Season?”

“‘Tis the Season” is one of my favorite phrases this time of year.  ‘Tis the season could refer to gift giving, store sales, putting up holiday decorations, cold weather or holiday cheer.  It is one of those phrases that you can chose its meaning, depending on the circumstances.  This holiday season, I am choosing ‘Tis the Season to be grateful and take stock in all my many blessings.

Perhaps it is the fast approaching big, 40th birthday talking, but in all honestly, I am where I always dreamed I would be and never really thought I would I achieve it.  I am a successful artist, have a wonderful husband, life, and two fabulous children.  I wish I could I could whisper in my 7 year-old self’s ear as I walked into my first painting class in 1985, that you will achieve this.  Perhaps it would wipe out the years self-doubt, criticism, and some tears.  Nevertheless, the major in economics, career in the corporate world, odd love of excel spreadsheets, and every terrible painting helped shaped where I am today.

I have so many people to thank, especially my family and friends who supported me and cheered me on over this crazy, amazing year!  A huge thank you to Lesley Lundgren and Harriett Lesser at Strathmore for believing in me and giving me carte blanc to create “Capital Palette.”  To all my art friends who I love to “talk shop”  with, you invigorate me.

For whatever meaning you choose for “‘Tis the Season,” I wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!