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Deep Thoughts on Construction, Spring Cleaning, and Studio Closing

This is kind of how I feel currently….”Chocolate Blunder” 24×20. Part of the “Insane Studio Sale”

We moved into our house in July 2007 with lots of vision.  For the past 10+ years we have been dreaming of what our 1966 house could be…a better flowing layout, a dream kitchen, a main-floor bathroom without 365 degree floor-to-ceiling degree mirrors (I am not joking).  It always seemed so far away, but time crept up on us and it now the moment to embark on this major house face-lift.

While so exciting and the end product is going to be spectacular, I never guessed cleaning out the house and closing up my studio were going to be so physically and emotionally difficult.  The amount of stuff from serving plates to kid toys we have amassed over the years are substantial.  Having to say goodbye to the baby toys and kids art supplies made me cry, I am not going to lie.  While my kids are still young, they are not babies anymore and we have no need for doll strollers and duplo legos.  Then, dealing with the look on their faces when they figured out what of their toys were missing after one of my many massive cleaning binges was heartbreaking.  We will all get over it.

The most scary part has been cleaning out my painting studio. I am not 100% there yet, as I have 5 more days to finish this task, as time is ticking and I am procrastinating.  Moving out my paintings and coming to the realization that for the next several months (maybe up to 6) my sanity space will be unavailable.  It is the place that is solely mine, where I go to work on my art and ruminate with my thoughts.  My art routine and practice will be thrown into upheaval. I admit, I am nervous I won’t come back to it.  Or when I do I come back I will not be the same artist (for good or bad).

With all my nervous energy I am trying to make lemonade out of lemons.  I have been threatening for years to bone up on my drawing skills, try my hand at plein air painting, and enter more art competitions.  Now is the time.  With everything in upheaval, I might was well embrace the chaos and push my own artistic skills.  I am “leaning in” and have signed up for several different art classes, including drawing and plein air painting.  Additionally, I am taking a 4 day intensive art workshop with the amazing VT based painter, Susan Abbott that begins in a week.

I don’t deal with chaos well and with no first floor, no kitchen, no studio, there will be chaos.  My current mantra is “at the end of the project it will be worth it.”  The house will be everything we dreamed it could be and I will be a stronger (but maybe different) artist.

In the meantime, please take advantage of my chaos and packing and enjoy my “Insane Studio Sale” with paintings at almost 75% off…all framed, ready to hang, and free shipping.  I have added a couple additional paintings and extended this sale until Wednesday, March 14th at which point the studio will close and everything will be moved out.