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The Year the Cherry Blossoms (mostly) Quit

Tidal Basin’s Cherry Blossoms on March 16, 2017

Well, it seems that this year the national cherry trees and mother nature got into a nasty battle, leaving the cherry trees a bit worse for the wear.  A warm winter led to early blooming and a mid-March snow crushed the blossoms.  What does that leave?

Less cherry blossoms.  Only half the blooms survived and should (hopefully) peak later this week.  They are inspirations and money makers for so many sectors of Washington: from cupcakes to tourism to bars.  Is the cherry blossom spirit dead?

Cherry Blossom season is a big deal in Washington, DC!  Everyone looks forward to the arrival of the pastel, pink flowers, signaling spring and the warm weather to come.  A huge festival even celebrates the gift of the cherry blossom trees from Japan, who graciously gifted us  the 3,000 cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin in 1912.

“Cherry Blossom Squared,” 2016. Oil on canvas.

The cherry blossoms have been a huge inspiration to me, as well as many other artists, so I thought it appropriate to pay homage to them in this post.  Looking for a cherry blossom fix?  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Pop-up Bar dedicated to everything Cherry Blossoms: Cherry Blossom Pub (1841 7th Street, NW)

2.  My favorite flavor Georgetown Cupcake:  Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cheesecake

3.  Drink of choice: Cherry Blossom martini

4:  There is a macaron for that too:  check out @BettyRockerSweets and Olivia Macarons

5.  Artwork:  Cherry blossom season can last all year with a bloomed cherry tree on canvas

DC’s Notorious Cherry Blossoms, 2016. Oil on Canvas.

I am a Washington transplant  and one of the reasons I bought my house was the 4 cherry trees adorning my front yard.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will bloom this year, as they are later bloomers than the type on the Tidal Basin.  As the snow melts and the buds form, watch my instagram page for pink updates:


In the meantime, I was lucky to be invited to the National Cherry Blossom Festival Pink Tie Party Fundraiser, celebrating all things that (should be) pink in DC right now.  I will leave you with some pics of the awesome event.  Viva the cherry blossoms!