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Cake of Significance

What does a wedding cake symbolize?  Well, tradition says it symbolizes good fortune and fertility.  Thus, It should be made of good quality ingredients to symbolize a long-lasting, rich, and happy marriage.

I recently had the honor to recreate a very special wedding cake, not with sugar and flour, but with oil on canvas.  For this cake, symbolism went way beyond the baked ingredients.  As a surprise to her husband on their 21stwedding anniversary my client wanted to give a nod not only to their wedding, but also their 21 year journey as a couple: to the places the lived and the experiences they have had.   So, while the cake is the same form, the flowers on this painting cake represent different states they resided together, along with some florals from her bridal bouquet.  Furthermore, the background pays homage to the church tapestry where the couple exchanged their vows.

Thank you for allowing me to immortalize your journey thus far!  Happy Anniversary!  Cheers to many, many more!