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Alla Prima Gouache Painting

“With experimentation comes surprise and discovery,” says Kim Lee Kho.  I knew I would be away from my studio for the month of August, so I decided to partake on a journey into the unknown – water media.  After attending James Gurney’s fantastic lecture in April at the Yellow Barn and following his alla prima paintings, I selected gouache.  Gouache is an opaque watercolor consisting of natural pigment, water, and a binding agent.

It was a bit hard for me to navigate at first, as I am used to the laws and nature of oil paints.  The fluidity of the gouache and its rapid drying speed were the most challenging.  Once I got the hang of it, I quite enjoyed it and find myself longing to take out the paints and see what they can do.  Plus, the ease of the clean up was a huge perk!

I did find that the fluidity did not allow me to get the detailed lines I crave in my art, so I added archival ink to the artwork.  The thin lines added a new depth and definition to the pieces.

My parents spend months planning and planting their phenomenal garden on Cape Cod, which became my muse.  Every year I visit, I tell myself that I should paint their garden.  Well, this year I finally did it and the gouache was the perfect medium to explore its awesomeness without fearing my oil paints would ruin their house. 🙂

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any gouache & ink on paper works.  Otherwise, they will be for sale at the Kensington, MD “Paint the Town” Labor Day art show!